About the Historian


The Self Proclaimed Psychic Historian of Moss, Idaho

Born under a dark star, and plagued with demons and visions since childhood, Chopsy found himself in Moss, Idaho after falling asleep at the wheel.

For three days, Chopsy was shown around town, and was treated to all of the towns secrets. When he next awoke, he found himself standing on the side of the road, with now memory of what had transpired.

After two uneventful weeks, Chopsy awoke in a trance-like state, walked to his drawing desk, grabbed a pen and furiously started drawing.

For 30 days, Chopsy drew, with his mind a direct link to the collective consciousness of the citizens of Moss, Idaho, knowing all that they knew, each and every little secret.

Thus began Chopsy’s psychic correspondence with Moss, Idaho and its inhabitants, sometimes direct, sometimes indirect, sometimes as full narratives, and others, as fragmented images.

Chopsy continues to chronicle the events and inhabitants of Moss, Idaho through this website, books, zines and comics. Always changing, always evolving, always entertaining.